Hello to… whatever

Whew – far too tired to come up with any sort of coherent post.  Staying up late two nights in a row was not exactly my smartest move. 

Tuesdays are theoretically easier than Mondays because I only work mornings, but it never seems to work out that way.  For one thing, they're at the branch surgery, which is a few miles farther away and along twistier roads.  Not a huge difference in travel time, but unfortunately by the time I have the kids ready to leave for Christine's I barely make it out the door on time to get to the main surgery I work for, so that small difference in travel time is the difference between being on time and starting a few minutes late.  When your morning is divided into ten-minute slots, starting even a few minutes late can really get things off on the wrong foot.  Then, GP days don't divide evenly – visits and paperwork after the morning surgery mean that mornings always seem to be longer than half a day.  Then there's the shopping to do in the afternoon, and the bins to empty, and somehow there never seems to be any real time before going to pick the kids up, after which there's the scramble to get dinner ready/lunches made for the next day while Katie demands that I play with her non-stop, and then to get them to bed. 

Tonight I did at least manage to persuade Katie (who loves pretending to be a baby and talking in baby talk) that babies sit in seats while their mummies work and chat to them, so she fetched her toy pushchair and sat in that outside the kitchen while I got stuff done.  Then there was the usual complicated juggle of getting two small children ready for bed simultaneously while making sure the one I'm not currently washing/brushing teeth of/getting into pyjamas isn't wandering off to find something noisy and exciting to play with.  Jamie got into one of his excited forceful monologues about Super Mario brothers, but in the end I managed to get Katie into bed and Jamie outside the room to lie on the hall floor next to me and talk to his heart's content; I was expecting Katie to appear through the door and the juggling to start anew, but, fortunately, she seems to have been too tired to get up again and I had the chance to lie there next to Jamie and listen to him while his words slowed to brief jerky spurts interspersed with long pauses, like a battery running down.  Another day successfully managed – just need to log into the work computer to finish off some stuff, find the energy from somewhere to exercise and shower, and then I can get to bed.

Anyone have anything in particular they either want to know about me or want my opinion on?  I wouldn't mind some ideas to keep me in material at this point.

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  1. Getting more than one child to bed at the same time is hard isn’t it? as is the school run preparation. Roll on Christmas holidays! xx

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