Put it up to eleven

It occurred to me today that the secret of surviving NaBloPoMo would be to find time at an early stage, or even pre-NaBloPoMo, to get a few general posts pre-written to release on those days when there really just isn't a minute to write anything.  I mean, as much as I'm enjoying getting in touch with my inner imperfectionist and actually writing something for once instead of just agonising over it for ages, I have no idea when I'm going to find time to write a post every day over the next few days. 

Oh, well.  Still in there, still coming up swinging.

Katie has spent a chirpy day playing games including pretending we were going to the seaside, pretending it was bedtime (best game EVER – I grabbed a couple of cushions from the sofa and the giant sleeping bag that had just come through the laundry and that I hadn't been organised enough to take back upstairs, made a bed for us on the floor, and promptly fell asleep and had a lovely nap while she got some of her Duplo to play with), and pretending she was on a pirate ship with a selection of Peppa Pig toys.  Oh, yes, and doing jigsaws.  At some point in recent days she appears to have had an explosion of neuronic development in whatever part of the brain is responsible for doing jigsaws; I swear she's picked up at least a year's worth of ability at them in one go.  Jamie has, as usual, spent the day on his computer, interspersed with brief breaks on his Nintendo – however, he has now decided to start reading a chapter of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' every night before bed (Chapter 2 today) so at least I can know that he's doing something else with his brain.  That seems to be about it for tonight – time I got to bed.

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  1. oh, man. a toddler friend forced me away from a dinner party with her parents once to play the “going to sleep and staying in bed while i go to work,” game. it was bliss — she turned off the light (leaving me a night light) and everything. best game ever, yes.
    and doing puzzles is almost as nice. fine work, katie. you are a lass after me own heart.

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