"Look!  There's an X in the sky!" Katie squealed from the back seat.  I couldn't see what she was talking about for a moment, and then saw the crossing contrails in the sky forming a giant X – it was one of those days when conditions are perfect for contrails, and they seemed to be everywhere in the sky.  Katie was thrilled.  "Look, there it is again!" she exclaimed whenever we went round a corner and caught sight of it from a different angle.  "I never saw an X in the sky before!"

We arrived at the village we were driving at, where some of the people from Barry's workplace were supposedly meeting up to go for a walk – we'd planned to join them for the start of the walk, then turn back, browse round the village museum for a bit, and head home again.  The only bit of this that didn't work out was meeting up with the other people, who were mysteriously absent at the appointed time and place; a check of the e-mail Barry sent me about it, now that we're back home, has clarified that this is probably due to the fact that we in fact had the dates wrong by a fortnight, so that's one of life's little mysteries solved. 

At the time, we didn't know this, but it was a beautiful late autumn afternoon and we weren't about to let that little detail spoil our afternoon – we simply shrugged and went for a walk ourselves, and then went to the local museum, a lovely one that we've been to many a time before as it provides an ideal space for small children to run around on a rainy day.  Now that the children are a bit older, it was fun on a whole different level – lots of child-friendly exhibits for them to look at, press buttons on, and the like.  And in two weeks' time we can do it all again with company.

The kids and I are all currently on our computers – me writing this, Jamie watching one of the ubiquitous Chuggaaconroy "Let's Play"s, and Katie on the enchanting 'Boohbah' site.  The family who surfs the 'Net together, stays together.  Or something.


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2 responses to “Autumnal

  1. Sounds like a lovely day out (and you get to do it all over again in a fortnight!)

  2. Granny C

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you, NaBloPoMo. I wouldn’t have missed these posts for the world.
    Granny C

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