It took an hour and a half to settle Jamie to sleep tonight; very unusual for him, he's normally the one who falls asleep easily while I struggle to stop Katie bouncing around.  I spent a lot of that time lying next to him in bed, which was rather nice and let me doze off but unfortunately not him.  He eventually decided that being in the big sleeping bag (one of the ones left over from camping days long ago in a pre-children world) might do it, so I fetched that and he wriggled into it head first.  I suggested he turn round to have his head nearer the opening so that he could breathe, and he turned round sleeping bag and all to lie the other way in the bed, which wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind.  I left him to it and then twenty minutes later thought oh my GOD am I completely mad did I just leave my child to suffocate and dashed back up there, but he'd managed to turn himself round to a more conventional position in the sleeping bag and was fast asleep, so obviously he managed to sort himself out.

I was going to write about evening routines, but it's much later than I'd meant to be doing this tonight and I'm completely wiped out, so I think that having put in the obligatory appearance on my own blog I'll call it a night (apart from the half-dozen other things I still have to do).  Busy day tomorrow – take Jamie's glasses into town to get new frames, drive to the nearby town for the annual Great Clothes Shop for new clothes for the children who are both about to turn a year older, try to get back by 1.45 in time for the Significant Events meeting for the practice I'm currently working for, and then hot-foot it down to Jamie's school for 3.45 for Parents' Evening.  I could leave out the Significant Events meeting, but not only are they interesting to get to, as luck would have it I happen to have nominated the only two events that are on the list for dicussion tomorrow, so if I'm not there to present them it could be rather a short meeting.  (I've passed details of both to the secretary, so hopefully the practice members will have enough to go on for a discussion, but would still be good if I was there.)  Time for bed.

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