One of those posts of utter drivel that I knew I’d end up writing if I did NaBloPoMo

Last night, as I stretched out in bed, I realised I'd better check what I already had in the way of clothes for the kids for next year before going on a shopping trip.  So I dragged myself out of bed and went into the spare room/general storeroom/dumping ground and started sorting out the garments I'd been picking up on my past few visits to Sainsbury's, whereupon it rapidly became obvious that in fact I already had far more than I thought and, once the old clothes of Jamie's that Katie could wear were figured into the equation, we had enough not to need to bother with an immediate shopping trip.  This, of course, simplified the day's schedule a heck of a lot.

I ended up spending most of the morning catching up on sleep, which was all very nice but did mean I didn't get an awful lot else done of my huge list of Things To Do.  But at least now I'm caught up on sleep, which is good.  And I did get Jamie's glasses temporarily repaired, the laundry done, birthday cards bought for both children, and a huge pile of old journals chucked that I'd been saving and really didn't need, so that's good.

Jamie's parent-teacher evening went fine.  The potted background here, for those who don't know, is that he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism when he was three, and had quite a few problems with school for a while (he's mainstreamed, by our choice), but, after a fair amount of to-ing, fro-ing, and general difficulties we got him statemented for 25 hours of support each week and since then he's done far better.  The latest update is that he's doing well overall at school, but they still have issues with him being reluctant to work and with him hitting or throwing things, which is sometimes in anger but sometimes just seems to be his way of trying to express affection, so his teaching assistant is going to work on social stories looking at more appropriate ways of doing so. 

Aaaaaand… that's the news.  Signing off.

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One response to “One of those posts of utter drivel that I knew I’d end up writing if I did NaBloPoMo

  1. I’m exhausted reading that – did you do all that in one day and STILL manage a nap?
    Ha ha, THAT’S not drivel – by the end of the month I may well be copying pages from the telephone book for posts 😉

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