House rules

I suddenly remembered tonight that we're supposed to be writing lists of our house rules to bring to the Webster-Stratton parenting group for discussion next week.  (By the way, this may be a good moment to mention that I've done absolutely none of the rest of the chart-keeping and recording we're meant to be doing – I didn't know about it for the first session because of leaving early, and by the second session it was obvious nobody was going to check up on whether we were doing it or not.  So, if you're on one of those courses and feeling daunted by the amount of written homework that seems to be required, just let it go.  Your worth as a parent is not dependent on your tolerance for writing.)  Since I also had a ridiculous number of results to look at for work (I have remote access login to the work computers, so I can do this stuff in the evenings) and a pile of stuff on the spare room bed to tidy away before my in-laws arrive tomorrow, plus I was late getting the kids to bed again, guess what you guys are getting for my NaBloPoMo post today?  Why, this scintillating list of our house rules.  Aren't you just so thrilled you read this blog?

This, by the way, has not previously appeared as a formal list and probably never will again (well, apart from at the meeting tomorrow…) it's just a list of rules that one or other of us has, at one time or another, needed to clarify.

  1. No hitting/kicking/biting/otherwise hurting other people.

  2. No saying nasty things to each other.

  3. No under-10s in the living room after dinner starts.

  4. All under-10s stay upstairs after dinner finishes.

  5. No computer in the morning on school and/or Christine days.

  6. Stay quiet after bedtime.

  7. Bathwater stays in the bath.


I've probably missed one or two, but those were the ones I could think of.  What about my readers?  Anyone want to share their house rules?


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4 responses to “House rules

  1. Umm, no cats in the bath – no hamsters in the bed – no dangling your sibling out of the window by their ankles …. I think that covers most of our house rules 😉
    Possibly your list is more helpful (although, sad to say, mine IS actually serious)

  2. with an 8-month old, it’s less rules and more like repeated demands. “STOP STANDING ON MY NIPPLE” comes to mind. every g-d morning.

  3. No saying yuk when faced with a plate of food
    Only bouncing on the big bed
    No throwing of toys/books (I blame nursery)

  4. Melanie Pitzen

    We have a list of things that you shouldn’t call people and another list of things you can. I know this is similar to one of your rules, but I don’t think kids even know what they are saying sometimes could be hurtful. We’ll even hear Alex say “That’s not on the list” when he hears another person use a word not on the ok list. We also make them say 2 nice things to each other when we hear an insult. This usually ends the situation with smiles.

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