Not a lot

For Children in Need Day, Katie's nursery had a day of wearing/bringing in spotty things.  I dressed Katie in her spotty socks, her shoes with the spotty pattern on the heels/sides, and a single spotty hairclip I'd found in a corner, which all seemed positively understated when I arrived at a nursery of spot-covered children including one little girl with stickers all over her face and one boy with his hair dyed in orange circles.  Jamie, meanwhile, was offered the option of bringing a small teddy bear into school for 50p, but declined – teddy bears have never held any particular interest for him.  As Barry pointed out, we don't actually have a small teddy bear that we could have sent with him.

"He could borrow my Froggyted!" Katie offered helpfully.  Froggyted is a delightful mutant hybrid creature with the head of a frog and the body of a teddybear composite, apparently one of a series of creatures produced in honour of Terry Pratchett's Igor storylines, which Barry won in a competition at the last Convention and which was instantly claimed by Katie and has been one of her favourite toys ever since.  He was not, however, of interest to Jamie, who settled for buying a Pudsybear biscuit for 25p as his contribution.

This Sunday is Jamie's seventh birthday, closely followed by Katie's fourth birthday a week from today; this year, we're having the annual family party tomorrow, so Barry's parents and brother arrived this afternoon to stay for the weekend.  We haven't yet reached the stage of having anything else by way of a party for them, that particular foray into social events being one which I'd like to put off for as long as possible ('as long as possible' probably being one more year in this case, I suspect, although we might stretch it to two).  So, an eventful weekend ahead.  I will update you in due course.


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