After yesterday's festivities, Jamie's actual seventh birthday slipped by almost unnoticed by all of us, including himself.  I recognise that this does not reflect well on my parenting but I actually forgot to wish him a happy birthday until my sister e-mailed her birthday wishes for her nephew and I thought oh, right, better say something of the sort myself.  This did not bother Jamie, who spent this day the way he spent just about every weekend day of the previous year; on battles of Sonic and Mario.  He did, of course, have the Wii to play on as well as his computer and DS, but that was about it.  Katie, meanwhile, had a wonderful time playing with her grandparents and Uncle Simon, building Duplo towers and an invisible gold car with a sunroof (which got put away in the invisible garage at dinner time, I am pleased to report).

Seven whole years since the day I first held that slippery little creature against my chest and hoped to goodness I didn't drop him (I did, a few times, but not on that first day, at least).  Seven years since I was trying to sleep in a bed at the birthing centre, petrified as to how I was going to make it through the night with this weird mysterious being who squeaked at me and needed me to get milk into him somehow.  What can I tell you about the year Jamie was six, now that it's over?  It was the year he got his first two adult teeth (lower middle) and his first two six-year molars, and, more significantly, his statement at school, something I must write a post about at some stage.  He was finally discharged from the optometry service back in January when Pat concluded his eyesight in the squinting eye was remaining stable and they just weren't going to do a great deal more for him; follow up in the local optician's from now on.  It was the year he learned how to defeat a variety of computer characters.  He's remained pretty much Jamie through it all, with the rumpled hair and cheeky grin and the freckles he inherited from me and the unyielding passion for the things he wants to do and intransigence about changing course at any time.  Just Jamie, just my little boy, and now he's seven years old.

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