Tonight, Katie built a set of steps with her Duplo for one of the Duplo people to walk up and jump into the cab of his lorry (through the front windscreen).  It reminded me that I don't think I blogged about other things that she's made in the past, out of her Mega Bloks:

A place for children and donkeys to get their hair cut (the donkeys ran back and forth along a ridge at the top)

A garden of multicoloured carrots

And a sign to show to babies to let them know what they're supposed to do.  Apparently the idea was to show it to them when you want them to stop crying.


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3 responses to “Imagination

  1. All excellent ideas (what a great imagination!).
    I especially like the uni-species hairdressers 🙂

  2. Granny Constance

    I am going to miss November…these are just magical. Granny C

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