Aaaaand another

Before I had children, one of my passions was for religious debate – in particular, comparative Judeo-Christian religion and debating Christian proselytism attempts in light of details of the origin of Christianity. (Look, don’t knock it; everyone needs a hobby.) When I had my first child, I found my interest in this was subsumed by my interest in debating the ins and outs of parenting dogmas, which, believe me, is similar enough to religious debate to be an excellent substitute.

Lately, I’ve been moving back into the world of religious debate; so, of course, I’ve decided it’s time to have a blog about it. So I have now set up Thoughts From An Atheist. If you like discussions/debates on contentious topics on the subject of religion, do come and join in. If not, then, well, don’t. 🙂

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