I’m a GP in the UK, living with my husband Barry (design engineer and Liverpool F.C. supporter), my son Jamie, born November 2004 (diagnosed Asperger’s-type ASD age 3, obsessed with computer games), and my daughter Katie, born November 2007 (loves drawing, designing things, and pretending to be a kitten). I started this as a parenting blog, although I’m now hoping to write some general opinions on stuff as well.

I previously blogged on Typepad, and on Blogger before that, but have moved all my archives over here as of February 2014. This means that many of my links will be back to no-longer-existing posts of mine from the Typepad blog; I’ll try to change the most recent/obvious of these, but there will no doubt be plenty I miss. If you can’t find a linked-to post and want to, do ask and I’ll track it down. (Also, do excuse the occasional oddity in formatting.)

I’m very happy to get any comments as long as they’re not spam and are kept polite. Dissenting opinions are warmly welcomed; insulting/unpleasant comments, on the other hand, are likely to be deleted.

4 responses to “About

  1. I had to follow some old posts across the net that led me here. I hope the the question that started this search is not falling onto the wrong eye, but if it is I am sorry. If it is not then you will know the meaning and the group that the question arises from.

    Do you love?

  2. At least I know that you are still around, which makes 2 in one night of finding again, yourself and King Joe who is still doing his music.

  3. Hannah

    Do you have a way of me contacting you which isnt an open forum? I’m very interested in asking you a couple of questions. You have some wonderful views particularly in child health and it would be great to just get a couple of research references and advice on a topic I’m having a debate over with a fellow ‘professional’.

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