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Just so we’re all clear…

There's been a recent kerfuffle on another blog about the blogger's comment policy.  I won't, for once, be going into details here about it1; I've left my thoughts on that post, and I think that about covers it.  But, because of that, I took another look at my comment policy and realised that I hadn't properly clarified that I believe it to be my right to delete comments that are offensive or insulting in tone.  I've never actually availed myself of that right in over five years of blogging, nor do I anticipate having to do so at any point in the imminent future.  And I repeat again that that right is one I will only apply to offensively-phrased comments, and that it will never be used simply to remove dissenting opinions.  However, it is a right I reserve for myself, so I have now rewritten my policy to make it quite clear that that is the case.  If anyone has enough of a problem with that that they feel the need to follow me over the internet telling the rest of the world what a fearful hypocrite I am, then, hell, bring it on.

1. That statement was merely intended to indicate that I didn't plan to write a post about it.  At the request of the person in question, I'll clarify that I've no objection at all to that person or any other posting their views about the matter/opening a discussion in the comments section here, if they so wish.



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